What is Hotmales.net?

Hotmales.net is a new website that originated from a dumb joke. But unlike most dumb jokes, we took it all the way and made it into an actual website.

But instead of just making the entire website a joke, we made it into a place to host our podcasts, and eventually put up written things. What will those be? I dunno. If you’re reading this you’ve already gone deeper into the website than I expected.

You can subscribe to the podcast(s) by using http://hotmales.net/feed/podcast with an RSS thingy or something.

Or, if you want to subscribe to them individually, because you hate anime or something, you can always do that!

“Main” “Moosies” Feed: http://hotmales.net/feed/podcast/?podcast_series=moosies

Win Pip Feed: http://hotmales.net/feed/podcast/?podcast_series=win-pip

Also, it’s not a porn site!